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Gay Sitges 2019

Gay Sitges Sitges is all about going to the beach by day, to its restaurants in the evening and on to the bars by night. You can walk to every bar, club & sauna in 5 minutes, from the town centre. The Hotel Medium Park being as central as you can get. Parrots Hotel is where the highest concentration of gay bars is, and if its beach life you love, the Calipolis Hotel overlooks the gay beach.


Sitges Gay Events 2019
April 30th to May 5th – Bears Sitges Meeting – Web
June 1st to 10th – Sitges Gay Pride – Web
September 1st to 11th – Bears Sitges Week – Web

Sitges, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Iberia, Europe.

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Last updated: March 1st. 2019