Gay Provincetown

Gay Provincetown 2018

Gay Provincetown

The Provincetown gay scene is along and just off Commercial street, which runs parallel to the waterfront. Many of the gay bars are right on the water’s edge. Its a popular weekend getaway spot for nearby Boston, but also New York City & Toronto, with the occasional gay cruise ship docking.

There has been a gay presence in Provincetown since the start of the 20th century as an artist colony developed. Drag queens were performing by the 1940s. In 1978 the Provincetown Business Guild (PBG) was formed to promote gay tourism. Provincetown is one of the best known gay resorts on the East Coast of the US. It has the highest rate of same-sex couples in the country, at approximately 16% of the town’s population.

Provincetown Gay Events 2018
July 7th to 15th – Bear Week – Web
July 17th to 21st – Girl Splash – A summer week for women – Web
July 28th to August 4th – Family Week – Web
September 14th to 16th – Lambda Car Club Gathering – Web
September 27th to October 1st – Mates Leather Weekend – Web
October 8th to 14th – Women’s Week – Web
October 17th to 21st – Serenity by the Sea – Web

Awaiting 2018 date – GLAD Summer Party – Web
Awaiting 2018 date – Provincetown Carnival – Web
Awaiting 2018 date – Fantasia Fair – Web
Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA.

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