Earth Gay Guide


September 22nd. 2017

Earth sized alternative to all the gas giants out there.

Our aim is to get you to what you’re looking for quickly.
1. Click on a city below and you’ll see a brief description plus any major gay events in that town.
2. Click on Hotels | Bars | Saunas etc on the menu, and there’s a list of all the gay venues. Simple as that.


San Francisco | New York | Los Angeles | Miami | Washington D.C.
Anchorage | Atlanta | Austin | Boston | ChicagoCleveland | Dallas | Denver
Detroit | Fort Lauderdale | Honolulu | Houston | Key West | Las Vegas
Minneapolis | New Orleans | OrlandoPalm Springs | Philadelphia | Phoenix
Portland | Provincetown | San Diego | Seattle

USA Gay Events 2017 & 2018


Gay Europe

Paris, France | Berlin, GermanyAmsterdam, Holland
Brussels, Belgium | Budapest, Hungary | Copenhagen, Denmark
Lisbon, Portugal | Mykonos, Greece | Prague, Czech Republic
Rome, Italy | Zurich, Switzerland | Reykjavic, Iceland

Europe Gay Events 2017 & 2018


Gay UK

London | Manchester | Belfast | Birmingham | Blackpool | Bournemouth | Bristol
Brighton | Cardiff | Dublin | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Leeds | Leicester | Liverpool | Newcastle
Other towns

UK Gay Events 2017 & 2018


Gay Spain

Barcelona | Madrid | Torremolinos | Maspalomas | IbizaSitges
Benidorm | Seville | Valencia

Spain Gay Events 2017 & 2018


Gay Mexico

Puerto Vallarta | Cancun | Guadalajara | Merida | Mexico City
Monterrey | Oaxaca | Playa del Carmen | Tijuana  | Veracruz


Gay Australia, Africa & Asia

Sydney, Australia | Cape Town, South Africa
Pattaya, Thailand | Shanghai, ChinaTel Aviv, Israel | Tokyo, Japan


Gay Canada

Montreal | Toronto | Vancouver


Gay South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The cities highlighted in bold text, are top gay destinations. The top two gay countries in the world are without a doubt the USA and Spain, though, with the exception of Maspalomas, Spain is mostly a summertime destination. The UK is a top contender too, but its climate tends to dampen it as a vacation destination. That said, everyone in the world should have London on their wish list. I’m maybe a tad biased cos I’m English, but it is Earth’s capitol city.

Hot tip: It seems half the world has gone Spanish speaking and certainly more than half of the hottest gay destinations on Earth are Spanish speaking, so you might want to get learning the language. Nothing will thrill one of those hot Latino boys more than quietly whispering into his ear “Qué te voy a comer, con patatas fritas”.

We are so simple! We tell you what there is, where it is, and let their web site tell you everything else there is to know.
We’ve thrown in a bit of color coding to the guides, so you see what you’re looking for at a glance. If you’re colour blind, sorry! You can still read though, can’t you?
Fetish • Bear • Uniform • Black • Latin • Cowboy • Lesbian • Dance • Drag • Sport Film • Dancers

What I’ve attempted to do, is to give you a clean, honest, simple, up to date, pop up free Earth Gay Guide, with as little advertising as is Earthly possible – My kitty cats still have to eat you know! No preference given to anyone. Everything is listed alphabetically on the venue pages, no matter what. No opinions, only facts. Just because it sucked for me, doesn’t mean it will for you! 😉 Hope you like what you see. If you spot an error or omission or speling mistake, please do tell. Or if you just want to say “Hi”, don’t hesitate. Gaz